The private beta program was a great success, and we would like to thank everyone who had participated for your constructive feedback. Registration is now open for Loominus data science platform.

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If you already have an account but haven’t checked us out in a while, here’s what we’ve been working on.

Keep your data private

You now have the option to create private data streams, which makes the data that you import into Teraport visible only to you and no one else.

When you create your data pipeline from input data that is private, then your data pipeline and its materialized reporting table will also be private. In fact, once private data is introduced to your data pipeline, it will stay private even if you later join with a public reporting table; private data takes precedence in a data pipeline.

In Learner, when your training data is imported from Teraport and that data is private, then your Learner project becomes private as well, meaning only you can view its model results.

If you upload your training data as a CSV or Excel file, then you have the option to keep the data private which will also make your Learner project private.

Clone data pipelines

After a data pipeline runs for the first time, it can’t be changed. You can create a new data pipeline by cloning an existing data pipeline, and change it.

Automate data pipelines

Schedule your data pipeline to run automatically at a specific time or whenever new input data becomes available (event based).

API documentation

Speaking of APIs…

Better detection of column types in training data

After you import your training data, Learner now does a better job with auto-detecting the column types to make recommendations, such as dropping ID columns that have no predictive power.

Usability Improvements

Quick access to blog and videos

Detailed information for active tasks

Model stream now shows queued and pending tasks

Please keep the feedback coming!

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Loominus is an end-to-end platform that helps teams ingest and stage data, build advanced machine learning models with no code and deploy them into production. Loominus makes it easy for individuals and teams without experience building machine learning pipelines to take advantage of machine learning faster. Loominus is equally great for experienced data scientists that need to focus on model selection and tuning.

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