Loominus co-founder Hung Luu shows you how to train, compare and deploy a binary classification model in eight minutes using Learner and Modops.

He demonstrates how to create a data staging and reporting table. (Have a look at how to do feature engineering in Teraport.) Then he trains and compares binary classification models from Scikit-Learn, XGBoost and LightGBM. He does this using Learner’s unified Provider Plugin architecture.

Finally, Hung selects and deploys the best model to an API endpoint using Modops. He goes on to demonstrate how you can use the API in your own applications to get predictions from the model.

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Loominus is an end-to-end platform that helps teams ingest and stage data, build advanced machine learning models with no code and deploy them into production. Loominus makes it easy for individuals and teams without experience building machine learning pipelines to take advantage of machine learning faster. Loominus is equally great for experienced data scientists that need to focus on model selection and tuning.

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